I decided to make a blanket for my niece’s upcoming birthday. She loves all things pink camouflage these days. I found pink camo yarn at Hobby Lobby and immediately bought some and figured I would figure out the details of what to make later.

I found inspiration with these Pinterest posts:

& this Pinterest post http://pinterest.com/pin/76842737366281689/


So after playing around with sizes and shapes I decided to go back to my Mardi Gras chevron I previously made and just switch the colors to create this pattern. I didn’t use a pattern but I just kept measuring it on my double bed until I had a satisfactory length. I know she is going to like it! I even have some yarn left over so I may have to come up with a cute pillow or something for her too.



I’m a little crochet crazy these days It is Mardi Gras here in South Louisiana. Put those two together and here’s what I came up with! I dug around my craft books and found a simple double crochet ripe pattern. This book is amazing for any crocheter, novice or pro.


I’m making this blanket wide (to take to the occasional cold parade!) and be able to wrap it all the way around me easily. I’m thinking it will be 3 or 4 stripes of each color when I’m finished.



My dogs apparently think that I make a blanket, they must test it along the way. Kind of hard to turn it when the Rat Terrier won’t move!

I learned about the “Russian Join” just before starting this project and it is amazing! Wish I would have known this sooner. Check out this tutorial.


I found this post on Pinterest and was inspired! Happens to all of us, right?

Picked my colors at Hobby Lobby. Went with a jewel toned palate and eventually added red and green to this mix.

Stitched granny squares in solid colors and used a nifty join as you go technique to add both the white border while connecting to he other squares. I found this helpful tutorial online.

I love the way this finished!


Sorry for the pun, couldn’t help it! This past Christmas I decided to test my creativity and make as many presents as possible! I wanted to post these earlier, but well, didn’t want to ruin any surprises!

Here are the ones I remembered to take pictures of. My New Years resolution is to take more pictures of my projects. I had a crafty year last year, but slacked in the picture department…

1. Scarves for girlfriends: These were fun to make thanks to my nifty Brother sewing machine. I purchased the scarves at the store and purchased the monogram font on etsy. They loved them!




2. Stadium blanket: great gift for any sports fan! I bought the blanket at Target and the logo on etsy.


3. Casserole Carrier: My sister is in her new house and I wanted to make something useful for her. Mom had found this pattern so she and I each made one. Hers made a great Bunco prize and mine was a great gift. I splurged and bought he premium fabrics at JoAnn Fabrics and I think it made a difference. I added her initial on the sash to make it more personal.



I sent her a new covered casserole dish, but Amazon prime took care of shipping that separately!

4. Crochet scarf: My other sister lives in NYC and has limited space for “stuff” so again, I wanted to make something useful. I found a simple Pinterest idea and made it my own. Had to use the black and gold for our Saints!


5. Personalized ornaments: again, gifts for the girlfriends! Bought Hobby Lobby ornaments and vinyl and put the cricut to work!


6. Crochet blanket for Grandma: This was a relatively quick project. Figured out the colors I wanted (I matched the quilt I made her last year) and made a bunch of solid squares. Stitched them together and voila! (Whoops, forgot to take a picture of this one…)

I need a solution to organize student papers in my classroom & of course I want it to be cute too!

First I started with 2 of these from Target. Problem is, I will have 5 classes so I need 5 bins. So I took them apart and planned to add 2 shelves to the bottom. This was quite easy!

Next I wanted it to be cute so I added colored duct tape. It took a little bit of time, but the finished product will look cute in my classroom. All I have to do left is ad the labels for each section and it will be ready to go!


My husband has been dealing with some neck pain lately, so I decided to try to make something to help him out. I made this simple neck wrap in a couple of easy steps. All total the project probably only took about 20 min. It was so easy I immediately made him another so he can keep one I the freezer and one to use warm.

1. Measured one long strip 6 1/2 in wide and the length of the fabric from selvage to selvage.

2. Folded halfway a lengthwise with right aides facing and sewed 3 sides (including the side with the fold.) The end that stayed open, I folded the sides in so I would have a clean seam when I finished.


3. I then turned it right side out & I sewed a scant seam along the three closed edges. Ill save the open edge for later.


4. The I drew 3 lines about 5 inches apart. These would be the lines I sewed to keep the rice from moving around.


5. I filled to just below the first line and filled with rice. I didn’t really measure, but just filled each section and then sewed each line.

6. I sewed the last seam and clipped the threads! Easy peasy!

7. Tossed the whole thing in the microwave for 2 min. and was done! My husband loves it! He can also pop it in the freezer for a cold pack too.

It is summer time so that means it is time for trips to the beach! I found myself in need of a new beach. Bag and wanted to make my own. I made this bag entirely out of fat quarters and mesh I found at JoAnn fabrics. I just made a simple tote and added a pocket to the front. Of course, I had to put my initials on it because I love any excuse to use my new embroidery machine.



It has been a busy summer so far! When I am out and about I am always looking for inspiration for my next project, but I’m also keeping my eye out for deals. I was pleasantly surprised when I found the craft aisle at my local Big Lots. I found a quilt kit and some jelly rolls that ended up making beautiful quilts!

The kit before;








The directions. Were super easy & clear. The only things I had to buy separately were batting, backing, & basic notions (most of which I already had). Great, easy quilt. Perfect lap sized and I know my mom is enjoying it!

The second find were these “jelly rolls”


I worked without a pattern but basically just mixed them up, sewed 4 of each together and the. Cut them to 8 1/2 in squares (finished they measure 8). I bought brown fabric from the clearance bin at the fabric store and made the sashings in between. Because I bought the brown on clearance I was limited in my amount, so instead of adding a matching border I opted for simple double fold quilt binding. The backing is a simple cream pattern and I used a low loft batting. I am pretty pleased with this make it up as I go quilt!



I’ve been trying to get creative today and keep getting stuck, so this project was a way to keep it simple! I pulled out my button maker, striped paper, a circle cutter, and some black contact paper mustache stickers I had leftover from the cups (pics coming soon). About 30 minutes later I came up with these cute buttons we can use as favors/decorations. Note: eventually I redid the mustaches to make them smaller. I decided I didn’t like the edges hanging off the sides. They came out much cuter when I redid them.


Here are the cups. Contact paper is awesome (and CHEAP!)

I hand stamped napkins with using Staz-on ink. Worked wonderfully without any blunders or meltdowns.

These were easy too. Little buckets from Hobby Lobby and my cricut.


I also made chocolate mustache favors. They were a delicious mint chocolate and super easy!!

20130702-105006.jpg I eventually added little hand stamped thank you circle tags, but I guess I forgot to take a picture. Oops!

Here is what it all looked like when it came together!





20130702-105318.jpg The beautiful mamma, Kayla! I had a banner with the baby’s name, but again, I forgot to take a picture. Silly me!! We had a great time!!

I am so excited to be co-hosting a shower for a dear friend soon! I will eventually post the pictures of our decorations, but for now here are the invitations!

The front is fairly simple, but I love the mustache to introduce our “Little Man” theme.


The inside is printed on printable vellum (office supply store) in a laser printer. I eventually decided to run the stripes horizontally, but this was my original idea. I used a tiny bit of adhesive in the top 2 corners to let the inside still flutter a bit.


The back was sealed and a small mustache sticker added as a seal. All in all, I like the way they have turned out!